Bali Is My Life

March 31st, 2007 | Bob Tahar

A bit disappointing my 1st visit to Bali was welcomed by the rain. Our first tourist attraction visit is to Tanah Lot to view the sunset. However, as you can see the picture above, the black clouds covers the sun and the sunset is not that spectacular.

But, hey! Just to take the picture of Legendary Tanah Lot Temple is a dream come true and its a dream to any photographer out there.

I’ll cherish my 3 days visit there and for three days also… BALI IS MY LIFE!

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Bali Trip 24-26 March 2007

March 31st, 2007 | Bob Tahar

This is my unplanned and surprise trip to Bali. Never in my wildest dream that I will go there this sudden. To make story short, I replace my friend who cancel his place and I just need to pay for it but its still way too cheap compare if I go by myself.

Bali is a beautiful place, the beach, the town, the temple and the scenery… its a heaven for photographer. To go there just for 3 days & 2 nights are not enough due to the distance between such places are too far.

Hopefully I can repeat my visit again…, following a tour group is not the best way to enjoy Bali especially with a group that mad about shopping. Furthermore, the weather not that helpful where its sometimes rain.

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AmBank’s KL International Marathon 2007

March 18th, 2007 | Bob Tahar

Once again KL International Marathon was held and sponsored by AmBank Group, I guess this is the 3rd year the marathon held by AmBank.

Categories classified were full marathon 42km, half marathon 21km, 10km, 7km and 3km for kids 7 to 10 yrs old

Images captured with Sigma 28-300mm DG lens & Nikkor 18-55mm ED attached with Pro Tama Wide Angle Converter.

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My picture @ Elysee Museum Swiss

March 17th, 2007 | Bob Tahar

I submit this picture to ‘We are all photographers now!’ campaign by the Musée de l’Elysée. I uploaded the picture thru their website at on 10/03/07 and apparently I was in 20,440 person inline.

Amazingly! 3 days later it was display on the Museum at 12.08pm, for how long? I have no idea, just imagine I was inline @ 20,440 and 3 days later it was up there. I hope somebody saw it and somehow make impacts on his/her day.

Peoples & Places of Bangkok

March 4th, 2007 | Bob Tahar

Bangkok was very hot and humid in fact when I was there, it was the transition period from the cool season to hot season. In hot season the temperature will rise up to 40 degrees. The beauty and the hospitality of its peoples will cool you down.

All images capture with D70s, 80% with Nikkor 18-55mm lens attached with Pro Tama Wide Angle 0.50x, a few with Sigma 28-300mm DG lens and some with Canon Power Shot A420.

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Sawadee Khrap - Bangkok 24-26 Feb ‘07

March 3rd, 2007 | Bob Tahar

For the first time my department held a group tour to Bangkok in 3 trips. So, I was in the first trip. To compare Bangkok and KL is like heaven or earth either in good or in evil ways.

Development wise, KL is much-much better. They have only one skyscraper, The Baiyok Tower. Too many abandoned projects and buildings. The building quite dirty. Very hot and humid not so much trees.

People wise… every day you gonna fall in love, not just with their beauty but their attitude and soft-spoken even in quarrel. Thais IMHO are the most patience drivers, you hardly hear any horn even with their bad traffic jam for whole day.

Shopping wise, there are some gives and takes. My interest are on IT, electronics and cameras, unfortunately they are expensive here, event with The VAT Tax refund. The pirate DVD also expensive and the quality is bad compare to KL. Others than that, its a heaven especially for women… anda akan dirasuk hantu shopping. They have too many shopping center in one places.

For tourist attraction, off course for a foreign country everything will be an attraction. They have good as well naughty attraction… ehem… ehem if you know what I means. IMHO Bangkok purely city of shopping and entertainments no so much on the sceneries and sight seeing.

All images capture with D70s, 80% with Nikkor 18-55mm lens attached with Pro Tama Wide Angle 0.50x, a few with Sigma 28-300mm DG lens and some with Canon Power Shot A420.

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