NAPSHOT Invitational Paintball Challenge (NIPC) – Day 1

This is Day 1 of NIPC held at Xtion Paintball Bukit Jalil.

The group divided into 2 categories, Invitational Electronic and Open Mechanical.

All images captured with D600 + Nikkor 70-300VR.

KAG AmBagus 2013 / 2014 – PWTC

This is AmBagus 2013/2014 which was held at Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, PWTC. Total of 84 participants audition for the final 14 from all over Malaysia.

Guest artist who also the professional juries consist of Dato’ Hattan, Man Kidal and Mas Idayu. The event was emceed by Dato’ AC Mizal.

All images captured with Nikon D600 + Nikkor 80-200 F2.8.

Kelab AmBank Group Go Cart Championship 2014 – Sepang

This is the 2014 Kelab AmBank Group Go Cart Championship that was held at Sepang Go Cart Circuit. It’s a wet endurance race with near 500 participants.

All images shot with Nikon D600 + Nikkor 80-200 F2.8.

Daniel & Emylia – Majlis Persandingan | FRIM

Majlis resepi dan persandingan yg diadakan di Villa Aromatika, FRIM Kepong pada 16 Februari 2014.

Selamat Pengantin Baru.

Yusnan & Isma Jasmin – Resepsi | Taman Melawati

Majlis resepsi pasangan pengantin Yusnan & Isma yg diadakan di Taman Melawati pada 1 Februari 2014.

Selamat pengantin baru.

Izzat & Aishah: Majlis Resepsi Sambut Menantu – Ipoh

Majlis resepsi dan sambut menantu di rumah keluarga lelaki di Ipoh, Perak pada 28 Disember 2013.

Semua imej dirakam menggunakan Nikon D600 + Tokina 17-35/F4 dan Nikkor 80-200/F2.8.

Izzat & Aishah: Nikah & Sanding – Kuala Kangsar

Majlis pernikahan dan persandingan pasanagan mempelai di Kuala Kangsar pada 27 & 28 Disember 2013.

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Tokina 17-35mm F4 PRO FX – Test Shot

I read many reviews from the internet that this lens is very soft wide open on every focal length. Well, glad to see that the lens I bought did not exhibit such issues.

The image below (click for full size) shows good center sharpness however softness exist on the edge. Barrel distortion is virtually none.

Image below show sharpness from edge to edge when stop down further.

Another picture at wide open focus at the lowest sign, still pretty sharp.

Wide open at 35mm.

Very satisfied with this lens with a price more than twice cheaper than the Nikkor 16-35mm VR F4. This lens has far better barrel distortion control than the Nikkor equivalent.

Images shot with Nikon D600. No digital imaging sharpness applied, some horizontal correction with highlight and shadow adjustment.

Final Ragbi Piala Agong 2013 – Kelantan vs Johor

This is the final game of the King Cup 2013 between the reigning champion Kelantan and Johore. The result end up with a shocker, Johore come from behind to clinch the victory with the score of 31-26.

All images captured with Nikon D600 + Nikkor 70-300mm VR.

Kelab AmBank Group Paintball Challenge 2013

This is the 2013 Kelab AmBank Group Paintball Challenge held at Seri Awana Paintball, Bangi.

All images shot with D7000 + Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8.